As an introduction to who we are and how we got involved in Scottish Terrier showing and breeding, below is some of our background.

In February 2009, I decided to buy a puppy for my wife, Heather, for our anniversary.  Not knowing any better, I went to a local pet store to purchase a puppy.  When I saw the puppies, I immediately fell for the Scottie puppy.  He was hopping up and down and was so excited!  I purchased him for  $400.00 which I thought was expensive.  Later I would find out that a quality dog with strong pedigree comes with a higher price.   Anyway, Later that evening my wife noticed that he had an odd way of running.  In fact, he hopped!  There was obviously something wrong with his gait.  We made the very difficult decision to return him to the store and exchange him for another dog.  We ended up with a solid black Miniature Schnauzer that we named "Tina".   It broke our hearts to leave our Scottie at the pet store and we could not get him out of our minds all evening. 

Needless to say, we went back to the store the next morning and got our little hopping Scottie back.  We named him Dexter.  (We were obsessed with the TV show “Dexter” at the time!) They sold him to us for half price because he was “defective”.  Now we had 2 dogs!   Having 2 puppies was definitely a challenge, but it was one we enjoyed wholeheartedly.  They played together and kept each other company while we were at work. 

Over the years, we have taken Dexter to numerous Veterinarians to find out what his health problems were.  We discovered that he has a kink in his spine which causes him to hop.  His front paws and legs are also deformed.  There was nothing that could be done to fix his problems.  He will forever be the hopping Scottie!  His unique “issues” do not cause him pain and he can run as fast (if not faster!) than our Schnauzers! 

Fast forward to January 2010.  My wife and I decided to be part of the Houston Westie and Scottie Rescue group.  We would do home visits and volunteer at dog shows to promote our rescue group.  We also became foster parents to a Mini Schnauzer named "Max", whom we later adopted.  One Saturday, I was volunteering at a dog show when I met a beautiful dog named  GCH. Charthill Power broker “Trump”.  I was amazed at how different the show Scotties looked compared to my Dexter!  I started doing research into Dexter’s lineage and I discovered some major inbreeding and realized that is probably partly why he was deformed.  I decided that I wanted to be part of the reason that there are good, healthy Scottish Terriers out there and that I wanted to show Scotties. 

We purchased CH. Eglantine Candy Kiss in August of 2010 from Kristin Nelson of Eglantine Scottish Terriers who lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado .  She was very helpful and through her I met Donna Winslow of Springbok Scottish Teriers.  She became my good friend and mentor.  After many hours of learning how to groom, I felt I was ready to take Candy to the ring and she did great!!! 

Candy became a champion in 2012.  Her handler when she finished was Brenda Martz, who is a well known American Staffordshire breeder and terrier handler.  We were proud and happy to see Candy Kiss finish.

I also became co-owner to Springbok's U R Unforgettable, aka “Haden”.  He is a hilarious Scottie!  He is a beautiful brindle.  Donna allowed me to co-own and show him.  He was a  finished champion within a few showings.

In early 2014 we bred CH. Eglantine Candy Kiss with GCH. Land Rose R.JP All Good Things "Yoshi".  After an emergency C-section, we ended up with 1 puppy named “Kozmo”.    He is currently owned by a friend of ours, Tanya Meadows.  A few months later, I decided to breed Candy with Haden.  We now have our current puppy “Spice Girl”.  She sure is a little spit-fire!  


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